SkepSun #02 (09_02_2012)

In hour one of  this week’s Skeptical Sunday, we hear Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker interview Michael Nugent, President of Atheist Ireland on Freethought Radio, followed by an excerpt from a 2007 debate by the late, great Christopher Hitchens where he lays out in brief his critique of religion, Christianity in particular. The complete debate in which how you can see whether his opponent, Alister McGrath, has a comeback is here on YoutTube. In hour two, we start off with CFI’s Point of Inquiry, hosted by Indre Viskontas. She interviews Professor of Animal Science Temple Grandin who has pushed for humane reforms in the U.S. meat industry and credits her her autism for the insights into animal behavior that made these possible. We finish things off with an SGU 5X5 in which the subject is “facilitated communication,” the discredited methodology for communicating with severely autistic children developed at Syracuse University.


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