SkepSun #06 (09_30_2012)

We honor International Blasphemy Rights Day (Sep. 30) on Skeptical Sunday this week by playing a debate from 2006 between Christopher Hitchens and then U.N. Under-Secretary General for Communications Shashi Tharoor on whether the religious sensitivities of certain communities should ever impose limits on free speech. This debate took place in the wake of violence provoked in the Muslim world by cartoons printed in a Danish newspaper. But first we hear this week’s Freethought Radio where Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor cover goings on at the U.N. this week where Muslim nations are demanding new international blasphemy laws in response to outrage over the YouTube video entitled “The Innoncence of the Muslims.” We are also raising funds for Ithaca Community Radio that very much needs contributions from listeners to keep broadcasting and to fulfill its mission. Donations of any amount are welcome.  Please see the ICR link at the right and give what you can.



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