SkepSun #08 (10_14_2012)

This week on Freethought Radio we learn that the “nones” are growing, but the religious battles continue. We listen to FFRF’s 1980 movie, A Second Look at Religion, showing that little has changed on the state/church front in more than three decades. Afterwards, we hear that a ranking member of the House Committee on Science and Technology, Paul Broun of Georgia, thinks evolution, embryology, and the Big Bang are all ideas “straight from the pit of Hell” and that the Bible is the best guide for our lives and public policy. Sam Harris takes issue with these claims, as does Jeremy Beahan who explains naturalism to Unitarians in “An Atheist’s Sermon.” You might think this is already a full show and you’d be right, but no!  We still have time for Point of Inquiry. Host Chris Mooney talks to Lisa Randall, the Harvard theoretical physicist and one of the most heavily cited and influential researchers in her field, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a best-selling author. Randall has a new e-book about this entitled Higgs Discovery: The Power of Empty Space. Mooney speaks to her about the Higgs, and what the discovery means about the ability of physics to continually peel back new layers of the universe.


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