SkepSun #09 (10_21_2012)

On Freethought Radio listen to the Governor and Attorney General of Texas accuse Freedom of Religion Foundation of “menacing intimidation” over their First-Amendment complaint of the Kountze cheerleaders’ Christian banners. Annie Laurie and Dan respond to “Wall Builder” David Barton accusing the FFRF of creating a “toxic” climate of hostility. Next we’ll hear a track from Greydon Square’s new release “The Mandelbrot Set” and a 2007 TED talk from the Amazing James Randi.  Will he survive swallowing a whole bottle of homeopathic sleeping pills? Finally, on Point of Inquiry host Chris Mooney talks  to two founders of ScienceDebate, a nonprofit organization that in the last two election cycles has pushed to get the presidential candidates to talk about and debate science policy. So far, there has been no actual presidential science debate. But this year, ScienceDebate got Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to answer 14 top science policy questions, leading to some revealing results. And with the election less than a month away—an election whose winner will guide science policy at a time when international research competitiveness, climate change, and other science based issues demand attention… it’s hard to think of many things more important for voters to pay attention to.


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