SkepSun #13 (11_18_2012)

On Freethought Radio this week we learn about FFRF’s recent lawsuit demanding that the IRS enforce its rules prohibiting churches from political activities. Listen to a Kentucky Mom, Suzanne Lamb, tell how she is fighting the Gideons in the public schools and an update from FFRF attorney Rebecca Market about stopping prayers at school-board meetings. We hear the Skepdoc, Harriet Hall, MD, and her take on SCAM (supplements, complimentary and alternative medecine) on “For Good Reason”, a radio show produced by the James Randi Educational Foundation and hosted by D.J. Grothe. To wrap things up, Chris Mooney interview Jacques Berlinerblau of Georgetown University about his new book “How to be Secular: A Call to Arms for Religious Freedom” on Point of Inquiry.


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