SkepSun #14 (11_25_2012)

The winter solstice season is approaching, and with it comes holiday complaints we’ll hear about on Freethought Radio. Listen to Damon Vix talk about his victory this week when a federal judge ruled that the city of Santa Monica, Calif., is free to discontinue nativity scenes on public property, after 58 years of Christian domination in Palisades Park. Annie Laurie and Dan also talk with Ph.D student Chris Calvey, head of the Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics (AHA!) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who were just awarded almost $70,000 in student-segregated fees to compete with religious groups on campus.  Then we pay tribute to Paul Kurtz, SUNY-Buffalo Professor and giant of the secular and skeptical movements, who passed away last month at 86.  We hear an interview he did back in 2007 with the hosts of the Reasonable Doubts Podcast.  Point of Inquiry rounds out Skeptical Sunday with an interview of Michael Gordin, Professor of History at Princeton, about Immanuel Velikovsky who gathered a huge following around his pretty far out ideas back in the day. Some call him the father of pseudoscience (sort of the anti-Paul Kurtz).

Listen Sunday 8-10 AM on Ithaca Community Radio, on Geneva Community Radio, or via the link below in your browser window.


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