SkepSun #17 (12_16_2012)

Is the Winter Solstice cause for celebration or terror this year? This could be the last Skeptical Sunday if some are correct that the end of 13 bak’tuns of the Mayan Long Count calendar portends the end of the world as we know it.  We’ll hear from local Mayanist and anthropologist Wendy Bacon about whether there is anything to fear about 12-21-2012. We also hear what the hosts of the Skeptic’s Guide the Universe think. As always, we start the proceedings with Freethought Radio. We hear about a Pennsylvania mom involved in a lawsuit about a Ten Commandments monument at a public high school.  Finally, in Hour Two, Chris Mooney interviews author and environmental activist Bill McKibben, founder of  Tune in and turn your friends onto the show!

And if you’re interested in winning Bad Religion’s DVD “Live at the Palladium” or the CD “Dissent of Man” autographed by Greg Graffin, make a pledge to WRFI at Let me know you did so by sending me an email at (I don’t need to know the amount of the pledge) and in two weeks the first two pledgers whose names I draw from a hat will get the DVD and CD, respectively.

Where’s SkepSun #16?  Like a Tibetan sand painting that is beautiful and then is erased, it’s only a thing of the past.  Last week I did my live show from the WRFI Clinton House studio during their fundraiser and no recording was made. Apologies to Geneva Community Radio and podcast listeners!



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