SkepSun #18 (12_23_2012)

What should we seculars celebrate, if anything, this time of year?  Solstice?  Festivus? Holiday? (“Holiday” = the official winter celebration of Pastafarianism) or should we just say no to Noël and go to work December 25th?  We get some different opinions on this show. Hear about FFRF’s recent nativity scene violation victories, and their solstice signs in numerous cities. Listen to Dan’s version of “Merry Frickin’ Christmas,” seasonal songs by Tom Lehrer and Roy Zimmerman, as well as the debut of Dan’s new song “Unfaithful,” from FFRF’s new CD, Adrift On A Star. Later we hear about Tim Farley’s “What’s the Harm” website on Consequence and wind things up with the perennial Christmas scrooge, the one-man-war-on-Christmas, Tom Flynn, of the Council for Secular Humanism on a Point of Inquiry “classic” from 2011.



  1. I heard the interview with Tom Flynn on this morning’s show. What a grinch. Downplaying even the solstice to a bizarre extent.
    Astronomical observations are a way of keeping time. In the northern hemisphere, the December solstice makes the beginning of winter. But in the Southern hemisphere, it marks the beginning of summer. So what if they are different seasons, they are still all marking time. Even tropical cultures need to keep time so they can predict the start of the dry & rainy seasons.
    Numerous human cultures mark the solstice.
    People like to have festivals and special days. If it wasn’t to mark the birth of Jesus H. Christ, ot would be for some other reason (and it was!). Flynn should relax is sphincter.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Reginald. I also appreciate the solstice (whether the summer or winter) and I see no reason not to use the holiday season as a time to get together with family, but I chose to play the Tom Flynn interview precisely because it provokes strong reactions from other non-theists. I like the diversity of opinion on such things and I suppose he has a point, even if I don’t personally think it outweighs the other reasons to observe the December “Holiday.” Check out the reaction to his recent blog post where he reiterates the reasons not to be caught celebrating anything this time of year and the strong reactions to it from other non-theists.

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