SkepSun #25 (02_10_2013)

As we celebrate Darwin’s 204th birthday this week, we’ll listen to Cornell University President Emeritus Frank H.T. Rhodes’ address of four years ago on Darwin Day. A wonderful synopsis of the life of the man who changed the way we see ourselves in the world. First, though, is Freethought Radio where Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor discuss the Boy Scouts of America and how they’re agonizing over the issue of homosexuality, but saying nothing about their discrimination against atheists. They announce FFRF’s newest lawsuit in Ohio, then talk with David Williamson, organizer of Central Florida Freethought Community (an FFRF chapter) about how they are countering bible distribution in public schools with atheist literature in the same schools. We also hear the Skeptic’s Guide 5 x 5 final segment on the subject of the SCAM therapy called chiropractic. Go to for the full Darwin Days schedule of events this week in Ithaca!


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