SkepSun #26 (02_17_2013)

This week on Skeptical Sunday, we hear reports from those fighting today’s battles of church and state while we pay homage to a great warrior of yesteryear, born here in the Finger Lakes. On Freethought Radio, FFRF attorneys Rebecca Markert and Patrick Elliott discuss current legal complaints with Dan and Annie Laurie–city prayers in Rapid City, South Dakota, and Onalaska, Wisconsin (a victory), pastors roaming the schools in Conway, Arkansas, proselytizing football coaches in North Carolina–and we hear about their newest lawsuit over a Jesus painting on the walls of an Ohio Middle School. The rest of Skeptical Sunday is dedicated to the great Robert Green Ingersoll, born in Dresden, New York on Seneca Lake in 1833.  On Point of Inquiry, Susan Jacoby talks with Chris Mooney about her new biography of the man and then we hear the opening of one of Ingersoll’s most famous speeches “Some Mistakes of Moses.”


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