SkepSun #27 (02_24_2013)

This week on the show we have to do without Freethought Radio…no files were received this week.  Hope that a cyberattack from Fundamentalist Christian hackers is not to blame and that we’ll have Freethought Radio for you next time. Instead, we’ll start of the show this week with a recent interview of Freethought radio cohost and co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Dan Barker, on the “Gluck Radio” podcast, hosted by Dr. Errol Gluck. Dan’s story is  a fascinating one: from evangelical preacher to co-leader of the nation’s largest organization of freethinkers. Then we’ll hear the five skeptics from the Skeptics Guide to the Universe look at whether there’s reason to be worried about health effects from the wifi network in your home, school or office. And finally, on a special edition of Point of Inquiry recorded live at the 2013 AAAS Annual Meeting in Boston, hosts Chris Mooney and Indre Viskontas interview Harvard Psychology Professor and author Steven Pinker about the subjects discussed in his most recent book: The Better Angels of our Nature: Why Violence has Declined. We’ll also meet Tom Di Liberto, meteorologist at NOAA and winner of the 2013 America’s Science Idol contest.


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