SkepSun #30 (03_17_2013)

Skeptical Sunday celebrates two court cases this week. On Freethought  Radio, In honor of the 65th anniversary of the historic McCollum v. Board of Education victory before the Supreme Court (March 8, 1948), Annie Laurie and Dan interview Jim McCollum, who was the young boy in that case challenging religious instruction in the public schools. We also listen to Dan’s rousing freethought song, “The Battle of Church and State.”  Then in honor of the 187th anniversary of the trial of Joseph Smith, prophet of the Mormon Church, in Bainbridge, New York, we hear the court transcript from that day (probably the first time it’s ever been read on radio).  We listen to the musical satire of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park and the Book of Mormon, the musical, the sentiments of Brian Keith Dalton, a “Formon,” a former Mormon, and then to the more serious Brian Dunning, who takes a look at the implausible claims in the Book of Mormon as well as the interesting story of Joseph Smith’s translation of the Book of Abraham.


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