SkepSun #32 (03_31_2013)

This Easter Sunday we deconstruct the Resurrection on Skeptical Sunday. Faith is one thing, but can a Christian claim to have any good reason for believing the resurrection story?  On Freethought Radio, After Dan and Laurie discuss the week’s news on the front lines of the battle of church and state, Dan uncovers the many contradictions of the Biblical account of the resurrection, asking listeners to take FFRF’s “Easter Challenge.”  Bart Ehrman is a New Testament scholar who thinks an historical Jesus one lived, but we’ll hear him make the case that real historians can never sign off on the Resurrection. We then hear Richard Carrier interviewed on the Thinking Atheist podcast. Forget the Resurrection, Carrier doesn’t think that the Jesus guy ever existed.  Well also hear what the late Christopher Hitchens thought on the subject.



  1. Hi Dan and Laurie – Thanks for this interesting program, I was just introduced. Ironically, on Palm Sunday, as we passed a church where parishoners were leaving with palm fronds, I tried to explain to my 10 year old daughter the resurrection story. Growing up in a fundamentalist Christian cult I could retell the story in my sleep. But Wynslow wasn’t buying it, and was basically incredulous. I hadn’t thought about the story since escaping from the cult at 22, to attend law school at Pepperdine, in Malibu, CA. So as I struggled to make sense of the story for my 10 year old daughter, I realized how preposterous the story really is. But Christians all around the world recite the story every year, as though it were “God’s truth.” So from the mouth of babes, truth comes. Again thanks for some thought provoking time.

    1. Hi Marcy. I’m John, the host of Skeptical Sunday…Dan and Annie Laurie are hosts of the Freethought Radio show that I run at the top of each Skeptical Sunday. Like a show in a show. Glad you got out of the cult. Let me know if you might like to talk about it some week on my show. The email is Happy to have you as a listener and hope you’ll keep tuning in.

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