SkepSun #34 (04_14_2013)

A jam-packed Skeptical Sunday this week. First, on Freethought Radio, Dan and Annie Laurie celebrate the April 13 birthdays of two great freethinkers: Christopher Hitchens and Thomas Jefferson. We’ll listen to a hilarious excerpt of Hitchens’ 2007 talk to the Freedom From Religion Foundation and then hear Dawn Brittain talk about her efforts to defend Jefferson’s wall of separation between church and state, by trying to remove a cross from a war memorial in Coos Bay, Oregon.  Then, Mark Crislip, M.D. takes apart a recent study purporting to show efficacy for acupuncture on his Quackcast podcast. Finally, rounding out Skeptical Sunday, we’ll hear Chris Mooney interview British philosopher A.C. Grayling, master of New College of the Humanities about his new book The God Argument: The Case Against Religion and For Humanism on Point of Inquiry.


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