SkepSun #37 (05_05_2013)

There is hope after faith! On Freethought Radio we  listen to former pentecostal minister Jerry DeWitt “preach” his story of conversion to atheism at FFRF’s 2012 Convention. Then Dan and Annie Laurie talk to another former preacher, Robert Price—scholar, author, Jesus Seminar fellow, and professor of theology—who tells us why many scholars doubt not only the resurrection, but also the very existence of Jesus.  For that matter, what about God?  Philosopher Austin Dacey lays out an empirical case why God’s existence is very improbable.  We’ll hear Steve Baughman’s Theodicy Rag and then the Skeptics rogues let us know if there’s anything to people behavior strangely during a full moon. On the last segment of Skeptical Sunday, we’ll get a 30 minute crash course in critical thinking from Dr. Peter Boghossian of Portland State University. Boghossian says it’s all about having the right attitude. Finally, what’s better, Christianity or beer?


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