SkepSun #43 (06_16_2013)

On a day on which we celebrate the important contributions of earthly, non-imaginary fathers in all of our lives, we begin Skeptical Sunday, as we do each week, with Freethought Radio. On today’s show Dan and Annie Laure talk to their staff attorney, Andrew Seidel about a new lawsuit  in federal court challenging censorship of freethought literature in Orange County, Florida high schools and then celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic 1963 Abington v. Schempp decision by the U.S. Supreme Court by talking with Ellery Schempp, who was a high-schooler in 1956 when the case got started. Next, in the “you must be kidding” segment of Skeptical Sunday, infectious disease MD Mark Crislip addresses acupuncture and laser therapy for sea turtles at the New England Aquarium. Apparently, now not even marine life is safe from their needless needling. Finally, on Point of Inquiry, host Indre Viskontas interviews philosopher Dan Dennett about his lastest book Intuition Pumps and other Tools for Thinking.

And it’s the late spring/early summer fundraiser on WRFI. Contribute $60 or more and get a flying fish logo t-shirt!  Go to for information.  And Happy Father’s Day!

Sea Turtle Acupunctur_Angu

A Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle being tortured receiving acupuncture at the New England Aquarium.  What have we come to?


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