SkepSun #44 (06_23_2013)

On Freethought Radio we hear the latest on the FFRF’s Florida school freethought literature distribution lawsuit.  Then, Annie Laurie and Dan discuss a bill signed into law in Texas this week by Governor Rick Perry, dubbed the “Merry Christmas bill” that encourages public schools in Texas to promote religious holidays. Afterwards they talk to Arizona State Representative Juan Mendez, who opened a session of the Arizona House of Representatives recently with a freethought invocation instead of a prayer, not to everybody’s liking. Next, from the Johann Hari podcast, we’ll hear British journalist Johann Hari’s review of Lisa Miller’s book, Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife. Johann suggests that its high time we learn, as did the Mesopotamian hero Gilgamesh, to imagine “living for today” as John Lennon put it. Finally, a debate on Skeptical Sunday: are religion and science compatible?  In one corner, arguing in the affirmative is theologian John Haught of Georgetown University. In the other corner, arguing in the negative is Jerry Coyne, evolutionary biologist at the University of Chicago. You be the judge of who wins the belt. Your Comments are welcomed!



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