SkepSun #50 (08_04_2013)

What is the afterlife to a fish?  We get the answer that question on Freethought Radio on which we’ll hear the debut of Dan Barker’s new song, “Heaven,” in which he sets to music the poetry of Rupert Brooke. Then Dan and Annie Laurie describe state/church entanglements in Alabama and Texas are in the news and talk with University of Chicago Law Professor Brian Leiter, author of the new book, Why Tolerate Religion?  As several of the podcasts we often program are on summer hiatus, we do something a little different. Today we’ll hear the first of two installments of Julia Sweeney’s hugely popular “Letting go of God,” a tour-de-force one-woman show in which Sweeney (whom you may remember as the character “Pat” on Saturday Night Live from back in the ’90s) describes her journey from Catholicism to atheism. When she decides to, in her words, “take God seriously” she finds she can no longer believe. It’s a sensitively told story that many of us can relate to.
Julia Sweeney: comedian, actor, writer, mother, atheist.

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