SkepSun #51 (08_11_2013)

Actress and story-teller Julia Sweeney gets a lot of airtime on Skeptical Sunday again this week. We hear the conclusion to her wonderful autobiographical monologue “Letting Go of God” in the second hour of the show.  But we also learn about her current project with Jill Sobule, the “Jill & Julia Show” on Freethougtht Radio. Ms. Sweeney will be a featured speaker at FFRF’s annual convention in Madison, Wisconsin at the end of September. Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor report on an FFRF victory in the Ball State University “intelligent design” controversy and talk with FFRF summer legal intern Chuck Rostof, who tells us about the problems resulting from the growing trend of Catholic hospitals acquiring secular ones across the country. We’ll also hear a song from another entertainer appearing at FFRF’s upcoming convention, Australian singer-songwriter Shelley Segal.
 Shelley Segal
 Atheist singer-songwriter from Down Under,  Shelley Segal.

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