SkepSun #59 (10_06_2013)

On Freethougtht Radio we hear from Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker about the FFRF’s 36th Annual Convention last weekend,, an announcement about the first Honorary President of FFRF about PTA prayer in Tennessee being nixed and learn that there are five freethinking composers with birthdays this week. Then they speak with Aisha Goss, Deputy Director of the Secular Coalition For America. After Freethought Radio we hear from infectious disease MD Mark Crislip about the return of preventable disease like measles and mumps due to declining vaccination rates in the USA. Then, forget the God Delusion for the time being: what if the biggest delusion of all is the delusion of the self?  Two prominent skeptics think it is.  We’ll take a skeptical look at “the self” with  Susan Blackmore, author of the Meme Machine and a textbook on consciousness and experimental psychologist Bruce Hood.


Is the self an illusion?


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