SkepSun #62 (10_27_2013)

It’s the Halloween edition of Skeptical Sunday.  We’ll have some fun looking at imaginary things people scare themselves with. (A Jewish zombie, anyone?)  Brian Dunning of Skeptoid looks at eight spooky places and the stories behind them and we hear an interview with famed skeptical investigator of things that go bump in the night, Joe Nickel.  But as always we start things off with Freethought Radio. This week we hear an excerpt of Arizona State Rep. Juan Mendez’ Emperor Has No Clothes Award acceptance speech at the recent national FFRF convention. Mendez is the only “out” atheist in elected state government and talks about why he gave a freethought invocation before the Arizona State Legislature last spring and what happened when he did. Then Dan and Annie Laurie talk with Candace Gorham, author of the new book, “The Ebony Exodus Project: Why Some Black Women Are Walking Out on Religion — and Others Should Too.” Candace is an ordained evangelist and founder of


Jesusween : consider scaring your children with hell and encourage them to consume zombie flesh instead.

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