SkepSun #64 (11_10_2013)

It’s the second of our two WRFI fundraiser live shows. Our guest in hour two is Demir Barlas, Ithaca resident, husband, father, ex-Muslim and atheist. What’s it like to be an “out” ex-Muslim and what should the rest of us believe about Islam?  A religion of peace hijacked by extremists, or something else, and is an Islamic reformation possible? Up first, though, is Freethought Radio. Annie Laurie Gaylor has the day off and Dan Barker is flying solo.  He’ll tell us about FFRF’s new lawsuit in California state court, challenging official city prayer and the City Chaplaincy in Pismo Beach, California. Then we’ll hear Dan Savage’s “Emperor Has No Clothes” award acceptance speech from the FFRF annual convention that took place in September and Dan’s talk with Peter Boghossian, author of the new best-seller, A Manual For Creating Atheists.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make WRFI’s fall fundraiser a success!



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