SkepSun #68 (12_08_2013)

Annie Laurie Gaylor flies solo on Freethought Radio this week and talks about the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s newest major federal court victory over the IRS’ tax-free housing allowance for ministers. We’ll also hear about 55 new billboards in the Sacremento area and an atheist contribution to a public holiday display in Chicago. After Freethought Radio we’ll hear Hemant Mehta’s “15 things Christians say to atheists, but shouldn’t” and the Skeptic Rogues of the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast fill us in on graphology, the psuedoscience that purports to uncover personality characteristics via handwriting analysis. In hour two, we hear famed educator, engineer, Cornellian and “Science Guy,” Bill Nye as he joins host Josh Zepps on the revamped Point of Inquiry podcast. They discuss Bill Nye’s early history as an engineer and a stand up comedian prior to his groundbreaking work in television during which he educated a generation on science. We’ll hear Nye’s view of the future of science, science education, and even religion.


Bill Nye, Cornell ’77, and the solar noon clock atop Rhodes Hall in August of 2011.


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