SkepSun #77 (02_09_2014)

February 12th is the birthday of Charles Darwin, now known as “Darwin Day.” Here in Ithaca we get a whole week of Darwin events thanks to the Museum of the Earth. I’ll fill you in on the details. Sadly, 155 years after the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species, during which time additional evidence for evolution has piled to the sky and it has become the organizing principle of biology, Darwin’s revolutionary contribution is still controversial among conservative Christians, many of whom are still fighting for some form of creationism to be taught in public school science classes alongside, or even better, in place of, evolution. Biblical literalist Ken Ham, director of the Creation Museum in Kentucky debated Cornell grad Bill Nye the Science guy on Tuesday of last week on the question “is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?”  We’ll hear an hour of that debate on today’s show. But first on Freethought Radio, Annie Laurie Gaylor will fill us in on  international blasphemy prosecutions, a UN committee’s evaluation of Vatican failings, and she’ll honor the birthdays of Philip Appleman and Phyllis Rose, and yes, Charles Darwin. Also, FFRF staff attorney Patrick Elliott talks about a North Carolina state/church victory and  a religious voucher school in Milwaukee that closed its doors after receiving more than $2 million in tax dollars.

Nye Ham Monty Python

Ken Ham suffers “a scratch” from Bill Nye. We hear an hour of their debate on evolution vs. creation from last week.


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  1. I haven’t finished listening to this episode, but I can’t wait to hear how Bill Nye responds to Ken Ham! His opening statement has been exceedingly cringe-inducing. It literally gave me a headache.

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