SkepSun #78 (02_16_2014)

On the weekend following Darwin week, we stay on the subject of religious opposition to evolution by natural selection in America. We’ll hear some great analysis of the Bill Nye – Ken Ham debate that we played last week from the hosts of the Reasonable Doubts podcast and also a snippet from a similar debate from 20 years ago, between Phillip E. Johnson, the author of Darwin On Trial and father of the ‘Intelligent Design Movement’ and Cornell’s own professor of evolutionary biology, now emeritus, William Provine.  But we get started as we do each week with Freethought Radio, the show produced by the Freedom From Religion Foundation on which Annie Laurie Gaylor and Andrew Seidel  interview the erudite and entertaining Ronald L. Numbers, history professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, about the history of creationism in this country. They also discuss FFRF’s new creationism law FAQ, Andrew’s complaint to New York officials over infant endangerment and deaths from an ultra-Orthodox Jewish circumcision ritual and honor the birthdays of Charles Darwin, Galileo, Jeremy Bentham and Susan B. Anthony.



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