SkepSun #99 (07_13_2014)

On Freethought Radio, Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor speak with Dayna Long, president of Wisconsin NOW, about her successful protest against Hobby Lobby. We’ll hear the classic “Days of the Theocracy” by Kristin Lems, and a tribute to atheist Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Then “slackivism”: feel-good measures that require minimal personal effort or research in support of an issue or social cause. Examples include clicking a “like” button, re-tweeting, or copying and pasting statuses on social media. How much practical effect do these activities have? Brian Dunning looks into it on Skeptoid. Then, Dale McGowan is an ex-university professor who has written books about raising children within a secular humanist worldview, Parenting Beyond Belief (2007) and Raising Freethinkers (2009) and writes the secular parenting blog The Meming of Life. He’s also author of Voices of Unbelief (2012) and Atheism For Dummies (2013). McGowan is founder of a humanist charitable foundation, Foundation Beyond Belief that distributes money from monthly subscribers to secular charities. Recently, however, the Foundation has started giving to select religious charities that do not proselytize and this has sparked some controversy in the atheist blogosphere. He’s interviewed by Bo Bennett on the Humanist Hour podcast.


Dale McGowan, Executive Director of Foundation Beyond Belief

Dale McGowan, Executive Director of Foundation Beyond Belief


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