SkepSun #103 (08_10_2014)

On this week’s Skeptical Sunday we celebrate the birthday of Robert Green Ingersoll, Freethought author, reform advocate, politician and orator born in Dresden, NY on the western shore of Seneca Lake on August 11, 1833. We’ll hear his complete lecture from 1884 entitled “Which Way?” in the second hour of the show. Also celebrating the birthday of the “Great Agnostic” are Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor on Freethought Radio. Additionally, they’ll correct right-wing media that are mischaracterizing FFRF’s recent IRS victory over politicking pastors. They talk with Roane County (Tennessee) Commissioner Steve Kelley, an atheist, about why he voted against “In God We Trust” being installed at the county offices and courthouse. In between we’ll have a look at chelation therapy. It’s a legitimate treatment for heavy metal poisoning, but some claim it’s effective against cardiovascular disease, autism, and many other diseases and conditions. The Skeptic Rogues of the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe have a look on the Skeptic’s Guide 5×5.

A celebration of Robert Green Ingersoll takes place Saturday August 16 in Amherst, NY.  For more information go to

Also see these link for the Robert Green Ingersoll Birthplace Museum:

and the Freethought Trail:

Robert Green Ingersoll born  in Dresden, NY, August 11, 1833

Robert Green Ingersoll born in Dresden, NY, August 11, 1833



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