SkepSun #112 (11_09_2014)

It’s the second of two Skeptical Sundays recorded live in the WRFI studios during our 8-Day Week Fall Fundraiser and I have teacher, writer, musician, blogger and skeptic Gordon Bonnet of Trumansburg, NY on hour two of the show. Gordon, who writes the Skeptophilia blog, defines skeptophilia as “the love of logical thought, skepticism, and thinking critically,” and dedicates his blog to “an exploration of the applications of skeptical thinking to the world at large, with periodic excursions into linguistics, music, politics, cryptozoology, and why people keep seeing the face of Jesus on grilled cheese sandwiches.” A warrior against woo on Skeptophilia, he’s also a prolific writer of fiction that concerns itself with the supernatural and occult (we’ll ask him if he sees any contradiction) and in addition to teaching biology, offers a course in critical thinking at Trumansburg High School. But we haven’t yet scratched the surface of Monsieur Bonnet, whose roots are in Cajun Country Louisiana. We’ll hear some of the traditional music of Brittany and Central France that he plays with the band Alizé. We welcome Gordon as a regular contributor to Skeptical Sunday in the weeks ahead! Learn more about local Rennaissance Man Gordon Bonnet at First, though, in hour one of the show we have Freethought Radio, the show produced by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. We get timely news updates from Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker about FFRF’s complaint to the IRS of illegal politicking by 501(c)(3) tax-exempt churches and they salute artistic freethinkers born this week, including Schiller and Aaron Copeland. They also interview former minister John W. Loftus about the last in his trilogy anthology, called “Christianity Is Not Great: How Faith Fails,” which is hot off the press.

Teacher, musician, writer, blogger and skeptic Gordon Bonnet of Trumansburg, NY

Teacher, musician, writer, blogger and skeptic Gordon Bonnet of Trumansburg, NY



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