SkepSun #113 (11_16_2014)

All of us have to deal with grief at times in our lives. It’s easy for no one, but religious folks have lots of resources to help them cope, whereas we seculars, for the moment, do not. One person trying the fill that resource gap is Rebecca Hensler who, after losing her infant son, found that almost all online resources for the grieving are dominated by religion and supernaturalism. In response, she created the Grief Beyond Belief website to in her words: “facilitate peer-to-peer grief support for atheists, humanists, and other freethinkers by providing spaces free of religion, spiritualism, mysticism, and evangelism in which to share sorrow and offer the comfort of rational compassion.” In hour two of Skeptical Sunday, we’ll hear Rebecca Hensler’s story as she told it at last year’s Skepticon 6. On the same theme in hour one, Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, hosts of Freethought Radio, talk with Carol Fiore, widow of test pilot Eric Fiore, about her new book, A Grief Workbook for Skeptics: Surviving Loss Without ReligionAlso on Freethought Radio, FFRF’s “legal fellow,” attorney Katherine Paige, describes their recent victory stopping public funds from supporting a religious ministry in Alabama. And somewhere in between all that, we’ll fit in Part Two of Brian Dunning’s exploration of the most common logical fallacies.

Where is a grieving non-believer to go for support?

Creating resources and support networks for grieving non-believers


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