SkepSun #128 (03_01_2015)

After celebrating the 100th birthday of freethinking biologist Peter Medawar, Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, hosts of Freethought Radio talk with Douglas Marshall, the victorious plaintiff who sued the city of Warren, Michigan, and won the right to display a Reason Station next to the Prayer Station in city hall. Then they speak with journalist Jeffrey Tayler, of The Atlantic (calling us from Russia), about his “It’s Time to Fight Religion” article and the problem with the media’s hesitation to criticize religion itself for the violence it creates. Afterwards, we will hear the thoughts of Brian Dalton, sometimes known as “Mr. Deity” on the hypocrisy over the Chapel Hill murders. We also have Skeptophilia‘s Gordon Bonnet who will urge us to reconsider our assumptions and stereotypes about people in a piece entitled “the myth of the moral high ground.” The grandaddy of all skeptical podcasts celebrated its 500th episode recently with a house party where the skeptic rogues were joined by some illustrious guests. In hour 2, we’ll hear the skeptic rogues Steve, Jay and Bob Novella and Evan Bernstein along with special guests Massimo Pigliucci, Jon Blumenfeld Larry Fitzgerald, Joe Novella and Joshie Berger.  Topics range from Brian William’s memory issues, to Gwyneth Paltrow’s peculiar hygiene regimen to Joshie Berger’s entertaining spin-off of their regular feature “science of fiction,” entitled “Jewie or fiction.” The full episode is available here.

Ex-Hasid Joshie Berger of Williamsburg, New York.

Ex-Hasid Joshie Berger of Williamsburg, New York.


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