SkepSun #129 (03_08_2015)

This week on Freethought Radio, co-hosts Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor relate that FFRF’s TV ad featuring Ron Reagan was censored by the major news networks, they celebrate the birthday of freethinking botanist Luther Burbank and after sharing the song “Bread & Roses” in honor of International Women’s Day, they talk with Kimberly Veal, an organizer with Chicago Black Skeptics. After Freethought Radio, Gordon Bonnet of Skeptophilia looks into the persecution complex of American evangelicals and what might be at its source. Then, Southwestern Costa Rica is home to over 300 carved stone spheres left behind by the country’s previous inhabitants. There are some fantastical claims surrounding their origin and purpose, but what can science tell us about their true nature?  Skeptoid guest host Ryan Haupt fills us in. In hour 2: what’s it like to be one of the rare paranormal investigators who is committed to scientific standards of evidence? Benjamin Radford has investigated hundreds or reports of paranormal phenomena including psychics, ghosts, exorcisms, miracles, Bigfoot, stigmata, lake monsters, UFO sightings, reincarnation, and crop circles. He is deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer science magazine, a Research Fellow with the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and a contributor to Bo Bennett, host of the Humanist Hour podcast interviews Mr. Radford about his book, Scientific Paranormal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries

Are American Christians persecuted?

Are American Christians persecuted?


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