SkepSun #132 (03_29_2015)

Annie Laurie Gaylor is flying solo on Freethought Radio this week and she reports on the FFRF’s successful commercial by Ron Reagan on CNN, salutes Robert Kastenmeier, a former member of Congress who died last week, and reports on March Madness complaints over basketball chaplains at state universities. After celebrating March 29th birthday of Eric Idle (we’ll hear two of his irreverent Monty Python songs), Annie Laurie interviews Harry Shaughnessy, president of the Triangle Freethought Society whose family was featured this month in a CNN online story about “The Atheists Next Door.” We’ll hear a couple tracks by atheist rapper Tombstone Da Deadmna and then Gordon Bonnet of Skeptophilia considers”Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson’s appalling prayer breakfast rant against atheists. It’s been a century since recreational drugs have been banned in the USA.  How’s that been working out for us? A skeptical look is long overdue. In hour two, Josh Zepps, host of the Point of Inquiry podcast, interviews Johann Hari who has spent the last several years traveling and researching the war on drugs for his new book Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on DrugsHari discusses the troubling beginnings of the drug war and argues that everything we thought we understood about drug addiction is wrong.

SPECIAL NOTE: There’s still time enter the drawing for a free signed copy of Dan Barker’s new book, Life Driven Purpose. The deadline: Wed., April 1, the official publication date. To enter, send an email to with Subject “Free Book,” providing your name and mailing address and how you listen to Freethought Radio (radio station or podcast provider). There’ll be two winners: one for broadcast listeners and one for podcast listeners. Winners announced on next week’s show. It would be great to have a WRFI listener win! Tell them that you listen to Freethought Radio on Skeptical Sunday.

Billie Holiday, early casualty in America's failed war on drugs, as detailed in Johann Hari's new book.

Billie Holiday, early casualty in America’s failed war on drugs, as detailed in Johann Hari’s new book.





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