SkepSun #138 (05_10_2015)

On Freethought Radio, Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor touch on Black Atheism, Nonbelief Relief, and why politicians should get off their knees and get to work. Then they interview Andrew Solomon, president of the PEN American Center, about why they awarded Charlie Hebdo its “Free Expression Courage Award” last week. Gordon Bonnet of Skeptophilia calls to task those in Congress who seem to think they can legislate away reality by cutting funding for climate change research. Then in the second half of the show, two takes on secular morality and ethics.  Can we be good without a God, and what does secular morality look like?  First, veteran atheist debater Matt Dillahunty from the Atheist Experience television show describes how tackles this topic in debates with theists, and then we hear from Princeton professor Peter Singer known for his thinking on topics such as animal rights, abortion and wealth inequality who is interviewed by Josh Zepps on a Point of Inquiry podcast. They discuss  Singer’s newest book,  entitled The Most Good You Can Do, an exploration of the philosophical movement known as effective altruism; the desire to make the world the best it can be using reason and evidence.

Matt Dillahunty of the Atheist Experience.

Matt Dillahunty of the Atheist Experience.



  1. Skepsun #138 will not play. It has been that way for over a week Also, has John Sullivan listened to the Ralph Nader Radio Hour when he talks about GMOs and Monsanto with an author who details what is wrong with GMO – food?

    1. Hi David, Thanks for letting me know about the link to the 5/10/15 show. It’s now fixed. I haven’t heard the Ralph Nader show and the author you mention. If you can send me a link, I’ll listen! Thanks for listening to Skeptical Sunday!

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