SkepSun #146 (07_12_2015)

On Freethought Radio we hear from Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker about FFRF’s new lawsuit (with AU and the ACLU) challenging Brevard County, Florida barring nontheists from opening meetings with a secular invocation. They report a victory removing the Christian flag from city property in Alabama, listen to Annie Laurie Gaylor’s “conversation” with four male theists on Fox News’ Sean Hannity show, and celebrate the birthday of life-long atheist comedian Phyllis Diller. Then we speak with clinical psychologist and professor Hector A. Garcia about his new book, Alpha God: The Psychology of Religious Violence and Oppression. Then from the Australian Broadcast Service, Andrew West, host of the Religion and Ethics Report interviews two guests who challenge the popularly believed narrative that the USA is a Christian Nation. Kevin Kruze is Professor of History at Princeton University and author or One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America and Steven Green, Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Religion, Law, and Democracy at Willamette University and author of Inventing a Christian America: the Myth of the Religious Founding. The ability to to examine and revise your beliefs is at the heart of being a good skeptic. Are you ready to reconsider your opinion of GMOs? Mark Lynas, originally an anti-GMO activist, will ask you to do just that in a talk he gave at Cornell University entitled “Changing Crops for a Changing Climate.” But perhaps worrying about feeding the world is unnecessary. Gordon Bonnet of Skeptophilia will tell us about a man in India who claims he hasn’t had anything to eat or drink in 75 years. Stranger yet is the fact that so many people seem ready to believe him.

Mark Lynas: from anti-GMO activist to GMO advocate

Mark Lynas: from anti-GMO activist to GMO advocate

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