SkepSun #164 (11_15_2015) Freethought Radio with Sarah Haider

Dear Listener: First of all, apologies for the late show posting this week (it’s been a busy one). Sunday’s show was the second of two fundraiser shows for WRFI. I had some technical difficulties in the first hour with Freethought Radio. So what I’m posting to the website is an intact, full edition of Freethought Radio and a separate file from hour two of the show in which I talk with Gordon Bonnet.

On Freethought Radio, after reporting an early FFRF holiday victory stopping a nativity scene from being placed in a Minnesota park, Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker discuss the recent study showing that nonreligious children are more altruistic and less punitive than religious children. We hear the trailer for the new movie Spotlight about the Boston Globe’s powerful investigation of the coverup of pedophile Catholic priests. Then they  talk with Sarah Haider, one of the co-founders of Ex-Muslims of North America, who tells us what it is like to leave Islam and become an atheist.

Ex-Muslim Sarah Haider

Ex-Muslim Sarah Haider


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