Skeptical Sunday says goodbye for now

Dear listeners: I’ve decided it’s time to discontinue production of Skeptical Sunday. My apologies to everyone who will miss the show and my heartfelt thanks to everyone who listened and enjoyed it. I hope it was a means by which some learned some new things and became connected to a larger community of folks who value reason, skepticism, secular values and the importance of defending the separation of state and church. I certainly learned a lot as I put together a new show each week.

While I won’t be producing any new shows for now, the podcasts from which I sampled are still going strong. Below is a list of the podcasts SkepSun rebroadcast most frequently. I hope many of you will subscribe to them.

Freethought Radio

Point of Inquiry


The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe

Rationally Speaking

The Friendly Atheist Podcast

The Humanist Hour

Philosophy Bites


You Are Not So Smart

Make sure to follow Gordon Bonnet’s Skeptophilia blog.

Consider joining us in the Ithaca Atheist Meetup.  Or, if you have been listening via the Watkins Glen transmitter, you may wish to join the good folks in the Hammondsport Area Humanists.

Honor the heroes and heroines of Freethought who lived in this region by visiting sites on the Freethought Trail.

If you would like an mp3 copy of any of the 176 shows listed on this site, please send me an email at skepsunicr (at) and I’ll see that you get it.

Keep it real and stay skeptical!   ~ John





  1. John,

    Thanks for 3 1/2 years of sharing a naturalistic world-view that is free of superstition, informed by science and guided by reason!


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