SkepSun #40 (05_26_2013)

Nonbelievers are in the news on Freethought Radio. When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer suggests to a tornado survivor that she must be thanking God, she confidently tells him she’s an atheist and Ricky Gervais sends money, not prayers, to Oklahoma relief. An Arizona representative unsurprisingly catches flack for delivering a secular humanist invocation before his state assembly and an Australian TV host delivers an “Aussie” version of the Ten Commandments. Dan and Annie Laurie talk to high-school activist Gage Pulliam, whose complaint to the FFRF resulted in the Muldrow, Oklahoma schools removing hundreds of Ten Commandments plaques from the walls of public classrooms. We’ll hear Tim Minchin’s take on thanking God for miracles. In Hour Two of Skeptical Sunday, the Skeptic Rogues talk to neuroscientist Heather Berlin about the neural basis for consciousness and whether any neuroscientists are mind-body dualists. And finally, on Point of Inquiry, host Chris Mooney asks feminist poet, author and columnist Katha Pollitt whether religion is inherently sexist.


Elizabeth Cady Stanton, suffragette & freethinker