SkepSun #116 (12_07_2014)

On Freethought Radio, Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor tell us about a victory stopping a “Keep Christ in Christmas” parade in Piedmont, Alabama, and celebrate the birthdays of secular songwriters Ira Gershwin and Jay Gorney. Then they talk with FFRF intern and activist Jarvis Idowu, a 3rd-year law student at UW-Madison, about the Secular Law Students Society that he started and his work to keep state and church separate. Afterwards, we will hear  the Skeptic Rogues from the Skeptics Guide to the Universe discuss testability in science and beyond. Is testability a requirement of a scientific claim? Are all supernatural claims untestable? Then, on the Inquiring Minds podcast, host Indre Viskontas interviews cognitive scientist Paul Bloom of Yale University, author of  Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil. Bloom presents some pretty compelling evidence that at least some parts of our moral compass are innate—that is that babies are born with the capacity to tell good from bad. Finally, in hour 2 we hear an address at last summer’s TAM by Robert Kurzban, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and Founder of the Pennsylvania Laboratory for Experimental Evolutionary Psychology. His research focuses on evolutionary approaches to understanding human social behavior. In his talk entitled “Why Everyone Else is a Hypocrite,” Kurzban presents an explanation from his discipline for why we are so good at fooling ourselves. His recent book shares the same title.

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/s/ygv12o0k4330hpa/SkepSun_12_07_2014.mp3]


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