SkepSun#63 (11_03_2013)

It’s the first of two live WRFI Fall fundraiser editions of Skeptical Sunday.  Dr. Gregg D. Caruso of Corning Community College is our guest in the studio in hour two and our topic is Free Will. What is it, do we have it, if we don’t what then? Dr. Caruso says Free Will is an illusion, but not to worry, understanding it for what it is could bring benefits to society.

But first we get started with Freethought Radio. It’s Annie Laurie Gaylor’s birthday and we listen to a 1980 interview of Annie Laurie Gaylor talking about the harm of religion to women. They also celebrate the birthday of Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin, our guest on last year’s fundraiser show, by playing the punk-rock tune “God’s Love.” Then they talk with Jesse Galef, Communications Director of the Secular Student Alliance, about the challenges and rewards of forming new freethought clubs on high-school campuses.

Thank you to everyone who pledged to WRFI during the show. The rest of you will have another opportunity next week when my in-studio guest will be ex-Muslim Demir Barlas.

For more on Gregg Caruso, go here


Philosopher Gregg D. Caruso, PhD: Free Will skeptic and “hard-enough” determinist.



    1. Andrea: I loved being a guest on your show, and although it’s painful to listen to myself, I’ll try! Thanks for letting me play some favorites. Horrible about the fire. Hope no one was hurt. Keep up the great work with the Free Pile.

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